Rules of the Dojang 2013-01-10T02:13:29+00:00
  1. Bow to Masters, Instructors, and fellow students
  2. Bow upon entering and leaving the dojang
  3. Bow to your partner when beginning and ending practice
  4. The master or instructor is to be obeyed absolutely
  5. Save all questions for rest a period
  6. No unnecessary noise or horseplay of any kind is allowed in the dojang
  7. Remove shoes before entering the dojang
  8. Wear clean uniforms, including patches, to class at all times
  9. Respect fellow students and seniors
  10. The dojang will be kept neat and clean by its members
  11. Respect the training you receive. Never do anything to dishonor the school or your master
  12. No smoking, eating, or drinking in the dojang
  13. No profanity is to be used
  14. Dues must be paid promptly by all students
  15. Practice before and after the lesson