1. Right leg back, into left front stance, left inside block then right reverse punch.
  2. Right leg back, into right back stance, left inside block, left front kick then right reverse punch, left knife hand block, then grab, right leg stomp on right instep while breaking right elbow with right heel palm
  3. Right leg clockwise 90 degrees into side stance, left outside block to outside of right punch.  Left foot slides forward into left front stance, right reverse punch to floating ribs. Right foot advances behind left while breathing out simulating shoulder throw.
  4. left foot advances to outside of punch with right following to form a 45 degree angle with line of thrust with right foot closest to target.  Perform right knife block to outside of punch, then right sudo to floating ribs and then to the mastoid area.
  5. Left foot 90 degrees counterclockwise to form side stance.  Right outside block to inside of punch, same hand then performs back fist to bridge of nose, then performs a right elbow with support to solar plexus.
  6. Left leg back into walking stance while left knife hand block then grab.  Left roundhouse kick to knee then left hook kick behind same knee dragging forward while pulling right hand forward with your left hand
  7. left foot slides back, right foot slides left to form left back stance, with right inside block to outside of right punch. Left side stance, left palm to outside of elbow.  Step into left front stance while performing right reverse punch to floating ribs.  Turn into horse stance while performing left straight punch to mastoid area, then right punch to ribs.
  8. Left foot slides back into side stance while making right outside block to inside of punch.  Right snap punch to eyes then rotating counterclockwise with left foot.  Perform left elbow with support to mastoid area.
  9. Left foot slides back to right front stance while performing double bull block, then quickly double rib punch followed by a double face punch.
  10. Right foot back into right back stance while left open parry to inside of punch, then grab wise wile rotating body clockwise pivoting on left foot into side stance, break elbow over left shoulder then perform right elbow with support to floating ribs.
  11. Right leg back into left front stance, left inside block, right front kick, right lead punch
  12. right foot forward left inside block, right middle punch, left high punch, left side kick to ribs.
  13. Slide left foot 45 degrees, right knife hand block, grab wrist then right side kick to floating ribs.
  14. Right front kick/left inside block, right foot out forward to 45 degrees, left hook kick to head.
  15. Right foot forward 45 degrees, left knife hand block left foot out forward , right spin side kick to ribs
  16. Right foot forward to right side stance, double open hand block to inside of the punch, quick right back fist to face while grabbing wrist with left hand, spin counterclockwise while right hand grabs under wrist, left elbow strike to floating ribs, left hand grab behind head, drop to left knee while still holding behind head, right hammer strike to forehead.
  17. Double outside block to outside of punch.  Left hand grabs shoulder, right grabs bicep.  Left leg forward sweep while pulling down.  Right heel stomp to face.
  18. [Roundhouse kick attack] Step in right leg, left shoulder block kick, right open hand blocks knee.  Reduce stance grab leg with left hand.  Right hand grabs shoulder, right leg back sweeps, right hand pushes, right leg front snap kick to groin
  19. Same attack and defense as 18.  Then step behind and outside of attackers foot with left foot and push backwards
  20. Left knife hand block, right foot forward, left foot in, then turn 180 degrees and reduce stance.  Right hand grabs behind back and hip-throw.
    1. Step forward left leg, left outside palm block, step right foot, right clothesline to neck, hook and hip-throw
    2. Step forward left leg, left outside palm block, reverse right ridge hand, step right foot, right clothesline to neck, and keep walking
    3. Same as 21 – 1, right clothesline to chest, hook and hip-throw
  21. Right foot forward, left inside block, left palm strike, right ridge hand to mastoid area.  Left straight punch to chest, left roundhouse kick to head, right front kick to stomach.
  22. Right foot back, left inside parry block and circular push away to inside, right front kick to ribs, left roundhouse kick to head, right front kick to stomach, right and left punch to head and chest
  23. Step outside with left foot, slide right foot back to side stance, left hook punch to shoulder (back of armpit), right roundhouse kick to groin, right roundhouse kick to stomach, put foot down, hop and left side kick to knee.
  24. Right front kick attack – Step left foot out and back, right low block to outside of kick, left front kick to ribs, left straight punch to head.
  25. Step back right foot, left outside circular block trapping punch under arm, pivot on left foot and right elbow to head.
  26. Step forward left foot, right smash elbow to ribs, slide right foot forward, left elbow strike to ribs, slide left foot backward, right foot slides back to behind attacker, lock knee, grab collar with right hand, reap attacker’s right leg, drop down on right knee, punch to head.
  27. Right jump front snap kick
  28. Right jump roundhouse kick
  29. Right jump spin side kick