Joe Di Figlia Sr.
Joe Di Figlia Sr.Master: 6th Dan
Joseph Di Figlia is the Master Instructor at Mountain Tae Kwon Do Academy. He holds a 6th degree Black Belt and has studied martial arts since 1968. He began his training in Totokon Karate under Toyotoro Myasaki in Queens, NY, and continued under Master Y.K. Park in 1971. In his continuing effort to provide the very best training at Mountain Tae Kwon Do, Master Difiglia has spent significant time in South Korea where he trained with Buddhist Monks and their students. Today, 30 years later, Master Di Figlia continues to strive towards helping his students achieve their goals in the martial arts. He is dedicated to helping all those practitioners at Mountain Tae Kwon Do be the very best that they can be not only in the martial arts, but in their personal lives as well.
Joe Di Figlia Jr.
Joe Di Figlia Jr.Master: 5th Dan
Joseph A DiFiglia has been studying martial since 1981 under the instruction of Grand Master Young K. Park and Joseph Di Figlia Sr. He teaches advanced Tae Kwon Do techniques and prepares adult students for competition in various types of tournaments as well teaching the skills necessary for advancement in rank. Joe received his black belt in 1987 at the age of 9 and has maintained his passion for martial arts through the years.
Dave AmarosInstructor: 2nd Dan
Mike LongoMaster: 7th Dan